The Priors Episode Six

Early August the year before

“Neal, are you home?” Sarah calls out

“I’m in the office!” he calls back.

Sarah appears at the office door

“I have something to tell you, can you come into the living room?”

Neal gets up and Sarah guides him to the settee then they both sit down.

“Were having a baby!!!!!” Sarah blurts out.

“WOW! I can believe it! WERE HAVING A BABY! How? I mean when?” Neal is overjoyed.

“Due the end of March! Are you OK with this?”Sarah smiles.

“Well, I must admit I’m a little shocked, I thought we were going to wait a while? We have only been married a couple of months!” Neal is almost bouncing up and down.

“I mean I’m happy but well …..I was hoping for more time together just US!” Neal pulls her onto his lap.

“I thought you would be over the moon… are you?” Sarah asks a note of uncertainty in her voice.

“Yes, yes! It’s wonderful….I love you sooooo much! I think I need to phone the family! Is that OK, not to early or anything do you think?” Neal kisses Sarah with passion.

They hug and laugh together

“I’m so happy” Neal and Sarah say in union……

But as the talk and dream about the future one of them has a note of uncertainty in their voice?

Three weeks Later……

Neal is just eating breakfast as he has no meetings until later in the day and Sarah is getting ready for an important meeting in town.

Suddenly Sarah starts shouting for Neal, you can hear the panic in her voice

Neal jumps up from the table and calls up the stairs to her…

“Sarah, are you OK?”

“No, I think I might be loosing the baby” Sarah sobs.

Neal takes the stairs two at a time “Oh, god NO!!!!Should I phone for an ambulance?”

“No get the car it will be faster, the hospital is only ten minutes away” Sarah sobs.

Sarah is bent double dressed and ready to go out in her new Dior outfit from La Boutique.

A thought pops into her head ‘I hope I don’t ruin my white dress, I wonder if I have time to change?’

Then Neal is at the door, Sarah hands him her purse her face awash with pain.

“I’ve brought the car round, can I help you down the stairs?” he asks his face full of concern

‘I guess not then!’ Sarah thinks to herself still thinking about her new (and very expensive) dress she takes Neal’s arm as another wave of pain washes over her

“Oh, bloody hell! It hurts!!!!!!!!” She cries.

Neil has never heard Sarah swear before? She must be in a lot of pain!!!!


On arrival at the hospital Sarah is rushed through to an examination room Neal strides back and forth.

Not knowing what to do Neal phones his sister Giselle

“Hi, big brother, I was just going to phone you…”

Just then she hears him catch his breath as a sob escapes

“Neal are you OK? Neal?… what’s the hells matter?” Giselle feels panic rise.

“Sarah… she’s pregnant…….but……I think she might be…..losing our baby……..We’re at the hospital now”Neal tries not to sound to emotional.

“Oh!!!!! SHIT!!!! Oh, no!!!! I’ll be with you as soon as I can! What hospital are you at?” Giselle asks.

Neal’s parents are both abroad at the moment so he can’t contact them! Should he phone Sarah’s sisters? Well he’s never met them and he’s not even sure Sarah has told them she’s pregnant! Sarah can be so secretive at times?

(Don’t forget this is BEFORE Neal’s Dates and Sarah’s Story)

It seemed like hours but was only a few minutes and the doctor comes out of her room

“I’m sorry, there was nothing we could do! I’m afraid your wife lost the baby” a doctor tells Neal.

Neal sinks into a chair his head in his hands, just then Giselle arrives!

She takes one look at her brother and rushes to him putting her arms around him but she has no idea what to say?

“Can I see my wife?” Neal asks the doctor

The doctor nods

“Just give her a few minutes and I’ll be back…. Tell you when you can go in”

Five minutes later the doctor comes out of the room and Neal asks if he can go in?

“Yes, that’s fine, but please not to long Mrs Hage has been sedated and we will be taking her to her room soon!”
Neal enters the room with Giselle hovering behind him, neither sure what to do or say?

“Sarah? darling?” Neal approaches her bed.

But the only reply is a muffled sob and Sarah turn her back to him!

“Perhaps we should come back later?” Giselle says to Neal putting her hand on his arm a squeezing it gently. He leaves the room with Giselle and she drives him home as it’s evident he’s in no fit state to drive himself.

“You can collect your car later” Giselle tells him gently. She thinks to herself how awful this all is, and how can she tell him now that she is expecting a baby? Boy, this is going to be a difficult one?

Episode Seven

By evening Neal has calmed down a little, Giselle offers to stay the night as her husband Harry is away filming and won’t be back for another couple of days.

“I’ll be fine, I’m going to phone the hospital and then get some rest Sarah will need me to collect her in the morning” Neal pats his sisters hand.

“OK, but you know to phone me if you need anything?”Giselle is uncertain.

“Thanks, I will I promise” Neal sits there still looking totally devastated.

Giselle squeezes Neal’s hand and he kisses her on the check giving her a hug

Neal phones the hospital and is told Sarah is resting and he can collect her in the morning!


The next morning Neal is up early having slept very little.

He phones the hospital again and is told Sarah is with the doctor now but she should be OK to go home later this morning.

Arriving at the ward he asks a nurse for Mrs Hage’s room explaining that he is her husband.

“I’m sorry Mr Hage but Mrs Hage has already discharged herself” the nurse tells him.

So now you know! That’s how Sarah ended up at her sisters house at 1 o’clock in the morning and why after searching for Sarah for some time Neal eventually started to ‘date’ other women. Now they are back together but there is still one or two questions that need answering?


WHY did Sarah disappear from the hospital?

Why had Neal and Sarah been together for over a year and married for seven months yet Neal had never met Sarah’s family?

And who was it with the note of uncertainty in there voice?

All of these questions and much, much more still to come?