Night Visitor

Psyched hates these times…although few and fare between they do happen! Holed up in his room awaiting instructions. With just Pussy for company.

He’s cleaned and checked his guns… yes Psyched likes his guns!

Showered and having turned the TV off…. reality TV is the pits!

So he decides to try and get some sleep, surprisingly it comes quickly to him but he is a very light sleeper (he has to be in his line of work) so is instantly awake when her hears the light tap on his door.

It’s 3am who would visit him at three in the morning? Then again who would visit him at any time?

Psyched gets out of bed and grabs his gun,it’s not likely to be a crook after all they would not knock at the door… but you just never know?

Opening the door a little he is stunned to see May standing there.

“Well, let me in then it’s freezing!” She gives him no time to react and is in his room. Psyched shuts the door and takes her in his arms kissing her with passion.

Eventually he releases her “What are you doing here? You know it’s not safe!”

“Safe…smafe! It’s been THREE months! I needed to see you… to kiss you (and she does) just to be with you for a few hours!”

Not sure how to handle the situation he stands”It will all be over soon then I can have some time off!” he tells her turning he finds her standing behind him he takes her in his strong muscular arms and nuzzles her her! Her hair smells of coconut and reminds him of times past. 

He takes her there still standing…. well to start with good job it’s a strong table!

Then they move over to the bed where they make love again…and again… well you get the picture!

Later a lot later they lay entwined in each others arms “I see you still have Pussy!” May giggles as Pussy comes over to investigate.

“Of course I do! Mrs Grey pops in when I’m not around…. which is quite a lot!” and he smiles at her kissing her on the tip of the nose… well he tries to but ends up with a mouth full of Pussy instead!

After Pussy has made herself comfortable on the pillow above Psyched head and with May snuggled into him Psyched is soon asleep.

May would have given anything to have stayed with him… to fall asleep with the man she loved and for them to wake up together the following morning… she sighs, it’s not going to happen! So very gently she moves his arm from across her body and slips out of bed.

After dressing, May straddles the chair looking at him as he sleeps. Then with a big sigh she gets up and leaves.

In the morning Psyched wakes when Pussy starts to meow for her breakfast. He wonders if he dreamed the visit for May, but no! He can smell coconut in the pillow… on his arm. ‘god, I wished this job was over, May was right three months is a long time to be away from the ones you love’

But then that was the nature of the job! Some had been separated for much longer! He thinks about Iver who loved, lost, loved and finally lost his girl and his son he was betting! 

Almost everyone on the job was single or divorced…not many would or could put up with this sort of life? But May…. well May was different she knew what his life was like and accepted it! Not many would! But then his May was not like other women… she had been in the job too!

Probably why she had known he needed her last night and she was the only person on earth who could leave without waking him!

But now he felt renewed and invigorated… ready to face the world and arrest the bad guys!