Richard and Isabelle Leave for England

When I found out that Mattel were no longer going to make the Sugar Daddy Doll I was so very upset! Although I was not very enamoured with the name I LOVED the doll… so sad! Anyway I commissioned my own Sugar Daddy Homme from Dawn OSS, well he arrived today along with his wife and an acquaintance…

His name is Richard Thompson he is 52 and his second wife Isabelle (Giselle) is accompanying him. She is 22 by the way! His first wife is Angela by whom he has a son Luke (Neal’s cousin). Angela and Neal’s mother Agnes are sisters. Angela is none to happy at being traded in for a younger model!!!! I think there will be a few fireworks?

Isabelle and Richard had been to visit Dawn OSS in Colorado for a little ‘beautifying’  and then they stopped of in Miami so Richard could tie up a few loose ends before heading for England.

“Richard darling where are you?” Isabelle calls coming out into the garden

Still not seeing him “Richard we need to leave soon for the airport……”

Coming up the path Richard replies “I’m here Isabelle, just walking sugar”

“Have you finished packing?” He enquires

“Yes, darling I’m all ready!” Isabelle snuggles up to her new husband

“Good then lets go, I can’t wait for you to meet my family!”