The Builders are in

The builders are hard at work in 2 The Priors soon to be the home of Neal and Sarah Hage

All is going well and they have been told Mr and Mrs Hage will be along later in the day to have a look around.

While Robbie fixes the electrics Will checks out the wall

Adam is up a ladder helping with the electrics

Pierre stops to check something with Howard

Meanwhile Flo helps Martin to secure one of the massive windows that run up the side of the building.

Matt and Davina argue about the paint.

Emma the selling agent chats with Eric the architect and Penny who is Neal and Sarah’s designer.

Soon Neal and Sarah arrive and they chat about the progress. 

While pleased at the progression there is still a long way to go.

Sarah makes her way downstairs and stops to ask a few question’s of Pierre.

“Hello, Mrs Hage what do you think?” Pierre asks her.

“I love it! This is my first visit, Neal would not let me come before as he thought it would not be safe!” As Sarah relays Neal’s thoughts she pats her swelling belly and smile a little.

“That’s true, a building site is not the safest place around!” Pierre nods.

Meanwhile Neal have gone down to see how the decorating has progressed?