The Edwards Family

This is Mark Edwards, he is divorced with two children

Mark is of Italian descent and has just returned to England after six months in Italy working as a pilot.
He loves his children…. and his wife but she is so stiff and unyielding he could not take any more!

After all his is a fiery Italian!

He also likes the….. natural life

Oh’ natural…. as in ‘in the buff’

His wife is about as far away from laid back Mark as you could imagine

Well she does let her hair down occasionally

But that was a life time ago

Nowadays life as a single mother and running her business is as much as she can cope with!

For Danni family was everything but she was not going to fight for her marriage… if Mark wanted out so be it! If he had loved her he would not of walked away just because she was a little….. uncomfortable with his open life!

But that was then and this is now! She knew he was on his way back and he would want to see the children. Would he want to see her too? Deep down she hoped so…. maybe?

Berri needed some alone time too. Her father would be home today and she was beside herself with excitement, but he would not be back to this evening so she decided on some down time at the beach

After a liberal coating of the factor 50 Berri lays back and starts to snooze

But it was not long before she could hear the crunch of gravel and then the giggling started

“Berri… Oh, Berri….”

“OPFF!” Berri’s little brother Ricardo (named after Mark’s father) jumps on Berri.

“Berri, Berri daddy home today!” Ricky screams in her ear.

“Yeeeessss!!!! But not for hours yet! Now go away and play!” But while her words admonish him her smile says she is happy to see him.