The Priors…. Episode One

 The Hage Residence…

After a Christmas reunion between Sarah and Neal things are going well for them.

Neal is in his office just finishing on the phone when the door bell chimes.

Neal stands up and makes his way to the front door as Sarah is still getting dressed.

“Hi Neal, Sarah not ready yet?” inquires her sister Kandy.

“No, still getting dressed!” Neal gives a half smile.

“Well, she’d better get a wriggle on were meeting up with Rumi in half an hour!” And with that she bounded up stairs calling Sarah’s name as so goes.

Entering the bedroom Kandy finds Sarah laying on the bed trying to do up a pair of trousers (pants) … with not a lot of luck!

“Hi, Kandy. I won’t be long just trying to find something that FITS!!!!” Sarah mutters.

“Putting on some weight are we?” Kandy laughs

“Yes, a little? I guess I’ve started to eat again now Neal and I are back together!” Sarah giggles as she gives up on the trousers takes them of and start rummaging in her wardrobe.

“I guess these will have to do!” Sarah mutters as she puts on a pair of leggings and a loose top!

“Rumi’s baby will probably throw up on them anyway!” Sarah laughs “Just brush my hair and I’m ready”

Kandy notices Sarah putting on her wedding ring and she can’t help but comment

“I see your getting back to being a married woman?”

“Sorry?” Sarah looks at Kandy quizzically.

“Your ring! Your wearing your wedding ring?”Kandy points to Sarah’s finger.

“Oh, yes I thought it was about time.” Sarah says with a shrug of her shoulders.

As they go down stairs Kandy says with a giggle “That top makes your boobs look big, not pregnant are you?”

Sarah looks at Kandy dumbfounded “NO!!!!!! we….well we only …. you know….did it, only once since we got back together.”

Kandy roars with laughter ” what planet are you on? It only takes the once!!!!”

“Yes, I know THAT! But it was at Christmas and he wore…you know…. he wore a ‘hat!”

More laughter ” yes, I know you showed me the pictures, but I think you need more than a Santa hat?”

Now Sarah is giggling too, ” No, silly a down there hat” and she points downwards.


A few minutes later the girls are in Kandy’s car and heading across town to Rumi’s temporary accommodation. Since the Suwi Narmi many are in temporary housing until something can be sorted out for them.

Fifteen minutes later the sisters arrive at Rumi’s apartment building. Kandy parks the car and the girls get out…..

“I hope my car will be all right?” Kandy says in a whisper to Sarah looking around at their surroundings.

What with it’s worn out buildings, the scruffy children and the youths loitering on the street corner it was not the most desirable area that was for sure!

The girls get out of the car and Kandy double checks that it’s locked.

Just then they hear a yell and the door to Rumi’s apartment building flies open. A surely looking man barges past them, they can hear a woman in the building screaming obscenities after him.

Sarah and Kandy glance at each other as they enter the building. Heading for the stairs they remember what Rumi had said about not using the lift (elevator) as it was always breaking down.

Kandy reaches the apartment door first and knocks on the door. Turning she sees Sarah just coming up the last couple of steps “Come on slow coach! Boy you are soooo unfit!”

“Ha Ha! You are just too funny!” Sarah puffs a little out of breath.

Just then the door opens!

“About time! I thought you was coming an hour ago!” and with that Rumi turns back into her apartment.

Sarah and Kandy look bemused as they follow Rumi into her studio room.

“Rumi! Look at this place! It’s a pigsty!!!” You can hear the disgust in Kandy’s voice.

Sarah opens her mouth to join in with her sisters rebuke and then notices how tired and sad Rumi looks….

Trying another tack Sarah suggests that maybe Rumi would like to have a nice relaxing bath while they looked after Marc?

“Very nice idea but… well I don’t have a bath!” Rumi mumbles.

Kandy starts to laugh but Sarah looks stricken, then she sees Rumi start to smile, soon all three sisters a laughing but soon Rumi’s laughter turns to tears.

“I’m sorry sob I just don’t know what’s the matter with me sob I’m just so tired and Marc cries all the time sob
Right on cue Marc starts up, Rumi looks over at him in total despair.

Sarah scoops Marc up and tells Rumi to go have a long shower then she thinks to ask “You do have a shower?”

“Yes, thank you! I have a shower!” and with that she leaves the room!

Sarah tries to walks around the room jiggling Marc, trying not to trip over the mess as she goes. Soon he stops crying and starts to chuckle.

“Your so good with him, are you sure you and Neal…?” Kandy enquires.

“NO! Now quick while Rumi’s in the shower lets get this place tided up!” Sarah whispers.

Soon the places is looking a lot better, Kandy puts the kettle on and opens the box of cakes they had brought with them.

Meanwhile Marc has now fallen asleep and Sarah puts him in his cot.

Just as they sit down Rumi returns….

“What? I was only gone a little while….. how did to get this all tidied away? ” she looks over at Marc’s cot and sees that he is now sleeping soundly.

“Come! Sit! Eat cake!” Kandy says through a mouth full of cake as she hands Rumi a plate.

Again the tears start but this time they are more of the happy sort…..